Toys Review – A Look At The New Toys From Toys R Us

Toys review sites are an interesting spin on the old age trick of having a child review the toys you’re buying. It seems to be that now parents are not only looking at the toy manufacturer’s websites to see if their toys are safe, but also to find out what other parents think of the toys. In this case, Toys R Us has decided to take their toy reviews on the Internet to a new level. Instead of just a simple written review, they’ve created a video review of each of their toys.

toys review

Toys R Us actually has two channels on YouTube, Kids Everything and The Shop Channel, which are designed to bring the latest and most popular toys to your child’s attention. The first of these two channels, Kids Everything has been launched just in time for Christmas and has featured toys such as Nerf Guns and Hot Wheels as well as older more mainstream toys such as dolls and board games. The second channel, The Shop Channel, has focused more on traditional children’s toys. In fact, just in the past few months they have added a whole new line of toys, including dolls, shoes, puzzles and doll houses, to their collection.

So if you were wondering how the Toys R Us channel got from being a kid friendly channel to a kid-friendly channel with a video review, it seems like Toys R Us saw something that would become a huge hit and launch a massive television campaign. Although Toys R Us is not a huge company by any stretch of the imagination, they have been one of the longest running kid-friendly companies in the industry for decades and launching a television commercial with a voiceover from Ken Ham is something that will do wonders for their brand. The fact that they decided to add a video to their website is pretty indicative of how serious they are about their toys and how successful they hope to be in the future. This type of aggressive advertising is generally not done by companies that are considered small, and it definitely will help Toys R Us reaches new levels of success.