Using Influencers to Promote Your Products on YouTube and Other Video Platforms

Toys Review is the first ever children’s channel on YouTube where parents and kids can watch in-depth videos of toys featured on the program such as: Baby Einstein, Fisher-Price My Little Pony, Lego Mind Control, Sesame Street, Color Your Own Powerpuff Girls, and many other toys from famous manufacturers around the world. There are also some toys reviews, which are actually just toy reviews. For example, one of the most viewed toy reviews is a toy review for Fisher Price’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The show follows a group of ponies who travel through the seasons and have many friends that help them along their journey.

toys review

Toys Reviews was created by the online marketing firm CraigsList, who had previously worked with several popular Internet companies to promote products like Google AdSense and Yahoo! Answers. The primary goal of the company and the toys it promotes are to create new boxing videos, as well as viral video content, which will eventually drive significant organic traffic to their products and brand.

As an official partner of Toys Review, you can also take advantage of this traffic by posting your own boxing videos or finding someone to host one and then submitting it to YouTube and other social networking sites. As an influencer, you can benefit from being able to tap into the massive source of organic traffic that these channels provide and generate profits by selling your own product alongside the featured influencers’ products and through your own personal links back to your website. This not only helps to grow your own business but also helps to increase the reach of the brands you are representing. If you haven’t tried using influencers as a marketing tool, you should definitely give it a try!