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Toys review is an important tool parents can use to assess the safety and value of toys for their children. The Toy Pogue is a website that features a toys review where parents can read about the pros and cons of toys, rating them from A to Z. The site also features an online store for parents to browse through toys and to buy any items they like. The toys can be ordered online, which can make it convenient for parents because they don’t have to leave the house to pick up a toy.

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The World’s Smartest Kids is a family friendly channel on kids TV that includes seven videos that explore the benefits of using play-doh and other building blocks for educational purposes. The videos range in length from thirty seconds to forty-five minutes, but the goal is for each video to introduce a new building block or toy that can be used in creative ways to teach children about math, reading, science, history, and more. Each building block also has a description that can be found below its picture. Shopkins is also featured on this family friendly channel, as is the My Little Pies website.

The Smartest Kids is another family friendly kids channel on TV, where they featured three videos about the benefits of using building blocks and more. This one features a fifteen-minute video about the benefits of building blocks, including how they can help a child understand concepts like colors, shapes, and numbers. The second video showcases Shopkins, which was featured on the October 2021 edition of the Kids TV show. Finally, there’s a one video that features the My Little Pies toy. The one video features an interview with Associate Director of Marketing, Steve Mayes, as he talks about the toys, shopkins, and what he’s looking forward to most about the company.