Toy Story 4 Parent Review

“Green Eggs and Ham” is a fun-filled fun film for children of all ages. Although not as funny as the first Jim Carrey movie, this version of the tale is more than just a comical comedy. It involves a main character ( Woody ), who doesn’t seem to be above using questionable tactics to get what he wants. But don’t let his attitude get the best of you; in this film, he proves to be the most genuine character anyone could ever ask for. With an original score by John Williams (Jaws, Star Wars, Jurassic Park), and the voice of Tim Allen, this film is a fun time for children and adults alike.

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In this toy story, Woody regains possession of his father’s ranch after accidentally knocking him out cold while playing with Buzz Lightyear. But soon after Woody finds out that Buzz is actually an alien toy, and that his father had given him to the Space Needle as a present, Woody teams up with Buzz to stop the bad guys from taking over the fair. Along the way, they encounter a number of colorful aliens including the lady in green, who turns out to be the head of the evil plan. Throughout the movie, Woody also meets new friends like Yashiro, Buzz Lightyear, and Mrs. Buttercup. The toys and characters are well designed, and blend together quite well, providing for an excellent interactive experience for kids of all ages.

As the plot thickens, we learn about the reason why Woody is at the ranch in the first place – he wants to be a cowboy, but he’s torn between his heart and his sense of what’s right. This emotional conflict plays itself out throughout the rest of the film, and serves as the driving force of much of the humor. The toy story 4 parent review points out that the action sequences are well choreographed, and that the special effects are realistic. The fighting is very good, with strong dialog and funny set pieces. The music is also above average, with songs that will make any children who see it want to watch the rest of the Toy Story series as soon as possible. Overall, this is a great film that just happens to contain some great animated toy story characters.