Toy Reviews on YouTube

Toy review videos on YouTube have caught the imagination of parents and children. A recent trailer of the Cinderella movie garnered more than a million views. This trend should not be ignored by brands and retailers. With over 311 billion views in just the past 90 days, YouTube’s toy reviews have become one of the most popular video topics. However, a variety of content is available to reach a wide audience. While most YouTube videos are about movies and other entertainment, a few independent creators are capitalizing on this interest.

toy reviews

Ryan ToysReview has become more popular than household names like PewDiePie and media empires like BuzzFeed, and has become a household name. His videos have become more popular than ever and now have over 568 million views. In summer 2014, Ryan ToysReview was the second-most-viewed channel in the world. The channel reached the US top ten most-watched list for 18 weeks.

Although YouTube’s toy reviews are mostly unrelated to actual products, some YouTube channels do promote a particular brand. These channels are also popular with younger children and feature product spotlights. A new site called Boys Toy Reviews is coming soon to the internet. This site will focus on affordable, accessible toys. If you’re looking for a great toy review, check out Ryan ToysReview. This website will help you make the right purchase for your child.