Toy Reviews From YouTube

If you’re looking for some toy reviews that are less than serious but more than just straight-forward toy reviews, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I will discuss the best all-round kids’ toys, the ones that are both fun and educational. The goal of this article is not to sell you anything, it’s to show you which age groups and genders prefer different types of toys so you can make an informed decision about what to get your child or children. Let’s begin with some serious toy reviews!

toy reviews

If you are looking for toy reviews that are not just pure advertisement for one particular brand or another (which is what most consumer review websites tend to be), then I would highly recommend checking out independent creator’s websites. Often, these independent creators have put together video content about their favorite toys, games, and other items. There is often an entire section on their sites dedicated to reviewing everything from wooden building blocks to fitness equipment, from board games to video content from independent creators.

Independent creator’s sites give parents and consumers a chance to read the actual toy reviews written by people who actually used the products themselves. This is much more valuable than reading product descriptions or company slogans, because the people reviewing the products actually played with, or used, the products themselves. So, how do we find these YouTube videos? By doing a simple search on YouTube for the specific toy or item you are interested in learning more about, like with this example: “music game”, “arts game”, “discovery game”, etc. You will get a ton of results, depending on how specific you want to get. You may even find some independent creators making funny or humorous videos uploaded to YouTube for all of your favorite toy reviews.