Bias in Video Gaming Reviews – Are These Paid To Spout Neutral Reviews?

In the ongoing #Gamergate consumer uprising, more than often has the topic of game reviews been brought up. Many topics have been discussed, but many are often still unresolved. Why is it that some game reviews have a major bias towards one type of game over another? Why are games being reviewed with such a slant? These and many more questions remain to be answered by those in the gaming community who cannot seem to get things straight.

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There is hope though. Thanks to video games having a massive popularity among people of all ages and genders, game informercials are coming to the forefront. These are often video podcasts and chat rooms that often discuss the highly publicized events of the gaming world. Often, these video game reviews give an unbiased look at the many positive aspects about video games. Sometimes they also have news blurbs, game summaries, and many other relevant gaming content. If you are looking for a video review that will show you everything about the many different types of video games, this is definitely the place to go.

Not only are these video gaming sites free to use, but they also have advertising money to support them. This is great news to the millions of dedicated gamers out there who pay attention to the newest video games and what they have to say. This type of independent game review is so much more helpful than paid reviews because they’re more truthful and less biased. So the next time you see a game review that has an ulterior motive, try to see if the writer is saying something true. If so, you should consider listening to the news and gaming sites instead of the glowing review.