Crankshaft for Tractor
Guarantee Policy

We guarantee that all the goods that have been manufactured by us are free from defects in material and workmanship. We further guarantee that all the parts that are defective in material and workmanship are repairable and/or interchangeable. Any replaced parts will be our property. The obligation under this warranty does not include the refunding of these losses - Loss of profit, assembly expenses, customs charges, inland freight, all local charges etc.. We shall not be responsible for the wear out and / or the defects that arise in the transit and/or in the case that any alteration is carried out on the goods shipped by us, we will not be responsible for the defects weather it is due to the alteration or not. We shall also not be liable for the treatment of the shipped goods that is not in accordance with our regulations regarding its use.

We further warranty that all our goods are interchangeable with the corresponding parts offered by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. All claims have to be submitted to us in writing within 6 months from the shipment of the goods and material may not be returned to us without our prior consent. In any case, they have to be returned to us free of charge and freight charges will only be returned if the claim is found justified after inspection of the goods by our quality control department.